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  1. Bill Patterson Bill Patterson
  2. Brian Reaney Brian Reaney
  3. Bridjet Mendyuk Bridjet Mendyuk
  4. Christopher D. Johnson Christopher Johnson
  5. Courtney Blenner Courtney Blenner
  6. Demetrio P. Cardona- Maguigad Demetrio P. Cardona-Maguigad
  7. Elaine Wyder-Harshman Elaine Wyder-Harshman

    Founding Partner of the Lens Legal Group LLC - Media, Tech, and Finance Attorneys

  8. Greg Tanacea Greg Tanacea
  9. Ilya Zlatkin Illya Zlatkin
  10. Irv Michaels Irv Michaels
  11. Jaime Kicklighter Jaime Kicklighter
  12. Jake Trussell Jake Trussell
  13. Jeff Becker Jeff Becker
  14. Jim Howes Jim Howes

    Exchange Director at Invent2026 & Founder, CEO at Seeking, LLC

  15. Joe Bogdan Joe Bogdan

    Partner at Culhane Meadows Law Firm & Associate Professor/Coordinator of Live and Performing Arts Management major at Columbia College Chicago

  16. John Yaworsky John Yaworsky
  17. Jordan Gilman Jordan Gilman

    Chief Software Architect and Founder at PeopleVine. Board of Directors DIFFA/Chicago

  18. Josh Chicoine Josh Chicoine

    Co-Founder, Artistic Director at Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, CIMM Fest

  19. Kyle Akerman Kyle Akerman
  20. Lena Shapiro Lena Shapiro
  21. Marie P. Anderson Marie P. Anderson
  22. Marissa Strassel Marissa Strassel
  23. Matthew Doubleday Matthew Doubleday
  24. Maura Mitchell Maura Mitchell

    Director of Entrepreneurial Services at Women's Business Development Center

  25. Melissa Chapman Melissa Chapman
  26. Michael Straza Michael Straza

    Entrepreneur, Startup Adviser, Investor, & Business Management Specialist

  27. Michelle Wahl Michelle Wahl

    Vice Chair of Swanson, Martin & Bell, LLP's Entertainment and Media Practice Group

  28. Mikhael Bortz Mikhael Bortz

    BORTZ Entertainment Law has a single focus: To protect the legal and business interests of artists, professionals and companies in the business of entertainment—at every stage of the creative process.

  29. Nathan Stein Nathan Stein
  30. Niko Finnigan Niko Finnigan
  31. Peleg Halpern Peleg Halpern

    Financial Advisor with Strategic Portfolio Managers

  32. RajNATION Innovation Rajiv Nathan
  33. Rob Tovar Rob Tovar
  34. Ryan Arnold Ryan Arnold
  35. Scott Fetters Scott Fetters
  36. Steven Vanderporten Steven Vanderporten
  37. Teri Grossheim Teri Grossheim
  38. Viggnesh Kandasamy Viggnesh Kandasamy

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