Cecelia "Fi" Mazanke

Leadership Coach

Cecelia “Fi” Mazanke has been empowering people through her Leadership Coaching techniques since the start of the millennium. Fi’s unique discovery process using the body’s wisdom uncovers a person’s road blocks to unveil the power of possibility within. The direct connection that occurs as a person remembers his/her greatness inspires success in all areas of life. The far reaching impact of Fi’s coaching methods includes improved business or sports performance; enhanced personal relationships; healing of emotional stress; and an overall feeling of joy, peace and purpose. Outcomes are achieved quickly as Fi’s clients discover their innate wisdom.

Fi began coaching in January of 2000 in the marketing company in which she worked. The success of Fi’s program was evident when one client more than doubled his business in a year and another client shifted her debt to being able to save over $17,000. The program swept the nation. In 2001, Fi stepped out of corporate coaching to diversify her client base to start Direct Connect Coaching. Direct Connect Coaching is based in beautiful St. Charles, Illinois. Fi works with clients of all ages and backgrounds throughout North America. She can be reached at fi@directconnectcoaching.com.

Area of Expertise:

Supporting people in feeling empowered and inspired to utilize their gifts and talents to live their dreams. This includes moving through any road blocks that may be hindering success. This process is done through a loving and trusting relationship where criticism and judgement are removed and freedom to live in the power of possibility is established.

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