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We currently offer a loyalty program that will reward you for interacting with our brand across a multitude of channels. As a member you will earn points for specific activities completed. These points can then be used to purchase merchandise, gift cards and more.

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Join as an Enrichment member and get access to xyz.

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Become a member of the 2112 Loyalty Program to earn points on purchases, posting on social media and engaging further with our brand!

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Private Office

Rent a private office starting at $450/m and is based on square footage.

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Sign up for access to reserved desks plus access to xyz

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Become an unreserved member and get access to xyz

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Earn Points For:

  • Attend a 2112 Event
  • Schedule Mentor Hours
  • Follow 2112 on Twitter
  • Reserve a Breakout Room
  • QR Scan Check

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